by Cold Holding

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released May 1, 2017

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all rights reserved


Cold Holding Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Sleep; Landscape
hold my body underwater, wait until my breathing stops -
count to 20 in your head then kill a cat to wake me up.
document the first word that i speak,
ask what i want then record my response.
make a note of the first thing that i ask - when i'm lucid ask me what i meant.

shove my head back underwater; watch me writhe and gasp for air -
focus on the frighten in my eyes and watch it turn into a glassy stare.
make a mental note of how you're feeling - with me laying lifeless on the bathroom floor.
shake my shoulders, slap my face, breathe deep - resuscitate,
ask me "where did you go?" ask me "what's it all for?"

what's it all for? is there any point at all? is there really a god?
Track Name: Burning Church Beside A Lake
through the trees there's a burning church beside a lake of ice - thawing with the heat.
the flames lick the night.
as i'm drawn closer i start to hear a priest going down with his ship.

"please lord spare me. please lord prepare me.
i've been a servant all my life - slept lonely every night just to serve you -
now in my hour of need you leave me; doubting your compassion on my deathbed."

then he's silent - i'm thankful he's silent.
then the flames fade, then the night draws in.
then i kneel by the lake and wash my hands of this mess.