Your Ghost; This Loss

by Cold Holding

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released March 27, 2015

Artwork by
Mastered by Lewis Chandler



all rights reserved


Cold Holding Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Between You And Me There Is Nothing
would it all be the same? the mistakes i've made, will they stay?
my dad once said "if we started again, we'd find a way to fuck it even more."
do i risk it? is it worth it?
i'm finding myself, sat staring, wondering, is this it?
is this all there is? distance and caution and emptiness?
between you and me; there is nothing between you and me.
i'm holding my head underwater, my lungs hurt and everything's numb,
but there's something in this distress.
Track Name: But A Time Comes
it's hard: to lose the concept of a 'we' - everything is me or i these days.
one's the only number that i use.
tell me, are you happy now; knowing that i sleep alone,
and knowing that i wake alone in these same clothes?
tell me what you're up to now or won't i want to know?
do you stroke him in the same way?
I know your business isn't mine -
but a time comes when finding out is everything.
Track Name: Loss
is it the cold, or is the warmth of your breath enough to condense in any air?
this isn't any air - it's heavier.
will i feel your breath much longer?
as your eyes stray, i start to pray i'll feel your breath much longer running down my back.
but i'm sickness, i'm shy, i'm helpless in time.
but i'm weakness, i'm dry, i'm paralysed.
stop breathing like you're sleeping cos i know that you can't be sleeping with the weight of regret.
if i wait, i'll regret til the end. til the end.
Track Name: She Wrote Me
for every hour i sleep there's a dream about you - only problem is that i can't sleep - and these dreams are the things that i need to give me reason to stand on my feet.
so i've been taking pills to help tire my eyes and slow my breathing for just long enough that i drift off for some, but not for so long that i don't wake up again.
don't tell me what i'm thinking doesn't mean a thing - it's everything.
don't tell me what i'm dreaming isn't everything.
Track Name: Lower, Still
clenched fists, strut twists - there has to be a point in all of this.
sickness, scarred skin - there has to be a cure for everything.
lock-jaw, blocked pores. i'm tired and i'm weary,
and i'm feeling like i'm drowning in this dense air, like it's water.
bone strength, limb lengths. i'm pallid and i'm aching,
and i'm feeling like i'm kicking but i just keep sinking lower til i'm gone.