In Dust Or What Remains

by Cold Holding

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released October 10, 2015

Recorded by Phil Booth at JT Soar
Mastered by Joe at Subsequent
Artwork by



all rights reserved


Cold Holding Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Just Hands
praise the pain that helps us to feel something after the numbness.
praise the strains that help us to feel, and not just the hands that caress us.
for we are alone in this life, and alive,
then alone, and dead, in the death that comes after.
i feel the pain, and the fear in the thought, that our time is so short and senseless.
i'd help you discover the way to an after life - if my mind wasn't right -
but i feel that it is, so all i can say is, don't be afraid of the end.
Track Name: See, Nothing
my ex lover said to pull myself together,
but look at her -
she cannot even look at me now i'm hurting.
there comes a time in life when you lose faith
in what once meant most to you -
but stay strong for just another day
and you'll find the strength to pull through.
Track Name: Lose Hope
my life started with everything falling apart
this time last year, and i've been thinking ever since:
how you believe in anything is staggering -
you say your prayers to a god out there, but they're just inside your head.
if it's for comfort on your death bed, then i get it.
i understand the comfort in the thought, but then i get to thinking and i can't.
if it's for comfort on your death bed - forget it.
the only comfort there is that it's ending.
Track Name: In Dust Or What Remains
hold on! hold on!
the sun, it sets, and lets the dusk lead into tomorrow.
look! our skin illuminates in the light.
but our eyes, oh god our eyes!
they strain to see the hands that hold the knees beneath the sheets -
knees very weak.
between the blinds and the light a light dust settles,
and in time it'll build to something more than it once was.
let's run our fingers through - to write our names -
and there they'll stay, in dust, together.
Like the ash of our remains - or what remains of us.